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Please note: this is by no means an exhausted list of resources (e.g. websites, publications) available to private landowners who are interested in managing their woodlands for wildlife.  Please contact Jamie Nack ( if you encounter a problem linking to a publication or website or if you have a suggestion for a resource to include.

Wildlife and Your Land Series (WDNR, publications): a 14 publication series designed to offer suggestions to private landowners on how to manage their land for wildlife.

•    Calling All Wildlife: Wildlife Management Basics
•    Putting Pen to Paper: Developing Your Wildlife Management Plan
•    Getting the Help You Need: People and Dollars for Wildlife
•    How to Inventory and Monitor Wildlife on Your Land
•    Wisconsin Wildlife Primer: Wildlife Habits and Habitat
•    So, What Should I Plant? Trees, Shrubs and Vines with Wildlife Values
•    To Cut or Not to Cut? Managing Your Woodland for Wildlife
•    Critter Condos: Managing Dead Wood for Wildlife
•    Rabbitat: Brush Piles for Wildlife
•    On Edge: Managing Edge for Wildlife
•    Gimme Shelter: Shelterbelts & Food Plots for Wildlife
•    Home on the Range: Restoring and Maintaining Grasslands for Wildlife
•    Just Add Water! Restoring Shallow Wetlands for Wildlife
•    The Wealth of Waterways: Managing Stream Corridors for Wildlife

A Landowner's Guide to Woodland Wildlife Management with Emphasis on the Ruffed Grouse (UW – Extension, publication)
Woodland Stewardship: A Practical Guide for Midwestern Landowners, 2nd edition (website and publication)

Wisconsin Young Forest Partnership (website)
North Central Wisconsin Young Forest Initiative (website)
The Young Forest Project: Growing Wildlife Habitat Together (brochure)
Wildlife Needs Young Forest: The Woodcock Management Plan (brochure)
Best Management Practices for Woodcock & Associated Bird Species: Upper Great Lakes Woodcock and Young Forest Initiative (publication)
Golden-winged Warbler Habitats in the Great Lakes Region: A Guide for Land Managers and Landowners (publication)
The Young Forest Project: Helping Wildlife through Stewardship and Science (publication)

Wisconsin Wildlife and Habitat (WDNR, website) – checklists, ecology, survey data, etc. for game species, non-game, furbearers, etc.
Habitat Management Guidelines for Amphibians and Reptiles of the Midwestern United States (Midwest Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, website)
The Amphibians & Reptiles of Wisconsin – ordering information for Snakes of Wisconsin, Amphibians of Wisconsin, and Turtles & Lizards of Wisconsin (WDNR, website)
Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas – species lists (website)
Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II (website)
Wisconsin’s Endangered Resources (WDNR, website)

Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin (WDNR, website)
Wetland Restoration Handbook for Wisconsin Landowners (website with publication)
Managing Wisconsin’s Forested Shorelands: A Landowner’s Guide (brochure)
Woody Cover for Wildlife - A Guide to Planting Your Wildlife Packet (publication)
Tree Planting (WDNR/ Wisconsin’s Reforestation Program)
Ordering Tree and Shrub Seedlings (WDNR) (Wisconsin State Nursery Program)
Care and Handling of Bare Root Seedlings (publication)
New Tree Planting (publication)
Proper Tree Pruning (publication)
Tree Planting Tips (WDNR, website)
Native Plant Nurseries in Wisconsin
Restoration Consultants
Shelves, Houses and Feeders for Birds and Mammals (UW Extension, publication)
Build a Bat House (WDNR, website)
Bat Houses (Bat Conservation International, website)

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources publications available through Minnesota’s

•    Landscaping for Wildlife
•    Woodworking for Wildlife: Homes for Birds and Mammals
•    Wild About Birds: The DNR Bird Feeding Guide
•    Lakescaping for Wildlife and Water Quality

Living with Wildlife in Wisconsin: Solving Nuisance, Damage, Health & Safety Problems
(UW – Extension, WDNR, and USDA APHIS Wildlife Services; website with factsheets)
Damaging and Nuisance Wildlife (WDNR, website)
Living with Urban Wildlife (WDNR, website with factsheets)
Wisconsin Hunting Regulations (WDNR, website)
Wisconsin Trapping Regulations (WDNR, website)
USDA-APHIS Wildlife Damage Management (website)
Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management (website)
Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage (website, publication)
Living with Bears in Wisconsin (WDNR, factsheet)
Living with Wolves (WDNR, website)
Sharing the Land with Wolves (WDNR, factsheet)
Wisconsin Trappers’ Association, Inc. Nuisance Wild Animal Removal Referral List (website)

Forestry Facts: brief articles available for free download about subjects of interest to forest landowners, loggers, sawyers, and others. Subjects covered include forestry best management practices for water quality, Wisconsin's Managed Forest Law property tax program, soil and site selection for plantings, processing trees to lumber, and many others. (UW Extension, factsheets)
Caring for Your Woodland (UW Extension, website)
Wisconsin Forest Management Guidelines (WDNR, publication)
Wisconsin's Forests: The Private Landowner's Handbook (Wisconsin Sustainable Forestry Initiative Implementation Committee, publication)
Forest Landowners (WDNR, website)
The Quiet Forests: How Private Woodlands Improve the Quality of Life in Wisconsin (publication)
Multiple Benefits from Forest Management (publication)
Conducting a Successful Timber Sale (publication)
Hiring a Consulting Forester (publication)
Understanding the Sample Timber Sale Contract (publication)
Do I Need a Permit for…Harvesting Timber? (publication)
Do I Need a Permit for…Building a Forest Road? (publication)
10 Ways to Protect Your Woodland Property (publication)
Forest Trees of Wisconsin - How to Know Them (publication)
Smart Forestry for Smart Growth (publication)
In the Face of Change (publication)

Wildlife Heath and Rehabilitation (WDNR, website)
Keep Wildlife Wild (WDNR, website)

Chronic Wasting Disease in Wisconsin (WDNR, website)
Chronic Wasting Disease Alliance (website)

White-nose A Coordinated Response to the Devastating Bat Disease (website)
Saving Wisconsin’s Bats: White-nose Syndrome (WDNR, website)  
Wisconsin Bat Program (website)
USGS National Wildlife Health Center: White-nose Syndrome (website) 

Invasive Species (WDNR, website and factsheets)
WDNR Invasive Plant Publications
Common Terrestrial Invasive Plants in WI (publication)
Regulated Terrestrial Invasive Plants in WI (publication)
Common Wetland Invasive Plants in WI (publication)
Regulated Aquatic Invasive Plants in WI (publication)
Invasive Plants of the Future (publication)
A Field Guide to Terrestrial Invasive Plants in WI (publication)
Invasive Exotic Plants Threaten Wisconsin’s Forests (publication)
Invasive Plants Association of Wisconsin (IPAW) (organization, website)
Invasive Plant Control Database (searchable, web-based database)

WDNR Insects & Forest Health publications
Oak Wilt Management - What Are the Options? (publication)
Gypsy Moth: An Urban & Forest Pest (publication)
Tree Defoliation in Forests & Woodlots (publication)
Emerald Ash Borer - The Green Menace (publication)
Wisconsin’s Emerald Ash Borer Information Source (website)

Wisconsin Coverts Project Management Plan Template (American Forest Foundation, website)
Web Soil Survey (USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, website)
Caring for Your Woods ...a 10-step Plan for Landowners (publication)
Getting the Most From Your Woodland (publication)
Good Value , Just Compensation (publication)
Wisconsin Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Programs
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service – Partners for Fish & Wildlife (website)
Improving Wisconsin’s Wildlife Resources with You (U.S. F&WS brochure)
Pheasants Forever/WI Partnership Farm Bill Biologists (website)
2016 Directory of Foresters: DNR and Cooperating Foresters Serving Wisconsin Landowners (publication)
Forestry Assistance Locator (WDNR, website)
Wisconsin’s Managed Forest Law a Program Summary (publication)
Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) (WDNR, website)
Wisconsin Young Forest Partnership (website)
North Central Wisconsin Young Forest Initiative (website)

Forest Stewardship: Estate Planning Options for Family Forests (USDA Forest Service, website)
Preserving the Family Woods: Tools to Help Guide Transfer to the Next Generation of Landowners (USDA Forest Service, website)
Estate Planning for Forest Landowners: What Will Become of Your Timberland? (USDA Forest Service, website)
Oregon State University – Ties to the Land (website)
National Timber Tax Website

Who’s Who of Citizen-based Monitoring in Wisconsin (website)
Wildlife and Forestry Research – Citizen Monitoring (WDNR, website)
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology – Citizen Science (website)

Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts (website)
National Audubon Society: Climate Change Report (website)
Forest Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment and Synthesis for Northern Wisconsin and Western Upper Michigan: A Report from the Northwoods Climate Change Response Framework project (publication)
Climate Change Projections for Individual Tree Species in Northern Wisconsin & Western Upper Michigan (publication)
Climate Change Projections for Individual Tree Species in Southern Wisconsin (publication)
Adaptation Workbook: A Climate Change Tool for Forest Management and Conservation (website)
Adaptation Strategies and Approaches for Land Managers (website)

Wisconsin Coverts Project (website)
Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, UW - Madison (website)
Caring for Your Woodlands (UW Extension, website)
The Ruffed Grouse Society & The American Woodcock Society (website)
Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association (website)
University of Wisconsin – Extension (website)
University of Wisconsin – Extension, The Learning Store (UW Extension, publications)

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