Scholarships and Travel Funds

All students in Forest Science and Wildlife Ecology are strongly encouraged to also apply for scholarships the Scholarships@UW-Madison common scholarship application and utilize the resources on the CALS Financing Your Education webpage.

Both Forest Science and Wildlife Ecology have a number of scholarships administered by the department for declared majors.  Additionally, there are a few CALS scholarships that require nomination by the department. These scholarships are listed below.

Forest Science

Helen H. Miller Forestry Scholarship

The Helen H. Miller Forestry Scholarship was established by her estate in 1990 and is to be awarded to either a graduate or undergraduate pursuing a degree in forestry.  The annual award is approximately $1,300. There are no preference restrictions for this scholarship

Robert B. Hendricks Memorial/Hardwood Manufacturers Association Scholarship

The Robert B. Hendricks Memorial/Hardwood Manufacturers Association Scholarship was established in 1993 in memory of Mr. Hendricks.  Any junior or senior majoring in forest science with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or any forestry graduate student with a minimum GPA of 3.5 is eligible.  The annual award is approximately $3,400 and may be split into multiple scholarships.

Earle D. Lyon Memorial Scholarship

The Earle D. Lyon Memorial Scholarship was established in 1962 in memory of Mr. Lyon.  It is awarded to a junior in forest science with preference based on financial need.  Preference is also given to a student graduating from high school in Washburn or Sawyer Counties. The annual award is approximately $500.

Forestry and Wildlife Ecology Departmental Scholarship

The Forestry and Wildlife Ecology Departmental Scholarship was established in 2011.  Preference for this scholarship is based on GPA and financial need.  The annual award is approximately $5,000 and may be split into multiple scholarships.

How to apply – declared Forest Science majors will receive an email with more information regarding the application process.

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Wildlife Ecology

Robert McCabe Student Academic Excellence

$1000 to $1200 (5 awards per year)

Alfred & Isabella Galpin Fund

Scholarships for meretorious and needy students in Wildlife Ecology, minimum GPA of 3.2, $1500 (3 to 4 awards per year)

Netzer-Brouchod Scholarship

Scholarship given to student who is studying wild bird life, consideration is based on academic standing, financial need and extracurricular activities, minimum GPA of 2.5, $1000 to $2000 (1 award per year)

Ruffed Grouse Society – John Michael Dew Memorial Scholarship Fund

Preference is given to students interested in pursuing a career in wildlife habitat, juniors or seniors, $1000 to $1500 (1 award per year)

John A. Spurrell Scholarship

Fund established on December 12, 1991 by Joy and Francis Spurrell in memory of Francis’ father John A. Spurrell, scholarship alternates every other year between Wildlife Ecology and Animal Science, minimum GPA of 3.5, $1500 (1 award every other year)

Helen MacDonald Award (Lake Geneva Garden Club) Scholarship

Nominating departments include Agronomy, Forest & Wildlife Ecology, Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, and Soil Science, order of preference given in the following areas of study: 1) Conservation 2) Horticulture 3) Landscape Architecture, juniors with satisfactory academic performance, minimum GPA of 2.75, $3500 (1 award per year)

How to apply – students who wish to be candidates for these awards should be alert to announcements in wildlife ecology classes and via email

Graduate Student Travel Award

FWE Department guidance and application process for graduate student travel awards.

The Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, through the generosity of past and current donors, is able to offer graduate student travels awards. The Forestry Travel Awards are provided through an annual gift to the UW Foundation. The Wildlife Ecology travel awards are from the Henry L Russell Memorial Fund managed by the UW Trust Funds.

To apply, please complete this form. (problems logging in? You must be logged into UW Google Apps using your UW netid.)

In order to ensure the equitable distribution and long-term stewardship of our graduate travel awards, the Chair has developed the following guidance.

  • Award level targets
    • Present at national/international meeting — $500
    • Present at in-state conference — $300
    • Non-presentation conference travel – not to exceed $300; Chair’s discretion to award and at what amount
  • Priority is for presentation of scientific results associated with degree work, but is first come, first serve.
  • Target annual spending is $2,500 per program.
  • Maximum total award to anyone student is $500 over the course of either an MS or PhD program. That is, if a student pursues an MS and a PhD, they could get $1,000.

These are flexible and dependent on investment returns and demand.
Key contact and responsible party: F&W Ecol. Chair.
Process for updating or changing policy: The Chair developed this guidance to inform her/his decisions related to distribution of the graduate travel awards.
No departmentally approved policy exists, though one could be created.
History of changes: Current guidance was slightly revised when Rickenbach became Chair in 2016.


If you have questions about this guidance, contact Mark Rickenbach.