Fall 2020 Webinar - Wildlife of Halloween

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Title of Talk: Wildlife of Halloween

Date: Oct 30, 2020

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Description: In this special installment of the F&WE Webinar Series, panelists from UW-Madison’s Department of Forest & Wildlife Ecology (F&WE) will explore some of the most iconic wildlife associated with Halloween. Speakers will each begin by explaining how certain animal taxa such as bats, owls, corvids, and wolves became associated with Halloween, then describe what researchers in F&WE are doing to better understand the important ecological roles these animals play in our global biosphere. A Q&A session with all panelists will follow the presentations. This family-friendly event is open to the public and all ages are welcome!

Featured wildlife and panelists in this webinar include:

Bats, presented by:

        Amy Wray, PhD Candidate


Owls, presented by:

        Dr. Anu Kramer, Assistant Scientist

        Aimee Reiss, Research Associate

        Ceeanna Zulla, MS Student

        Nick Kryshak, PhD Student


Corvids, presented by:

        Kristin Brunk, PhD Student


Wolves, presented by:

        Mauriel Rodriguez-Curras, PhD Student