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The Department of Forest & Wildlife Ecology Fall 2022 weekly seminar series will run from Sept 23–Dec 9 on Fridays, from 3-4pm in 184 Russell Labs (see full schedule below). Seminars are free and open to the public – all are welcome!

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DATE SPEAKER NAME SPEAKER INSTITUTION TALK TITLE (click on title to access the recording)
9/23/2022 Phil Townsend University of Wisconsin Ecological Insights from Imaging Spectroscopy of Foliar Functional Traits
9/30/2022 Volker Radeloff University of Wisconsin Analyses of trends in time-series of satellite data
10/7/2022 Jeff Brawn University of Illinois What do 40 years of sampling tell us about prospects for tropical birds under expected climate change?
10/14/2022 Ellen Ketterson Indiana University When to migrate when to breed: Is now still the right time?
10/21/2022  T.B.A.    
10/28/2022 Jing M. Chen University of Toronto T.B.A.
11/4/2022 Skylar Hopkins North Carolina State University Ecology of environmentally mediated diseases in wildlife and humans
11/11/2022  T.B.A.    
11/18/2022  T.B.A.    
12/2/2022 Brandon Ogbunu Yale University  T.B.A.
12/9/2022 Jens Kattge Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry  T.B.A.