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The UW-Madison Department of Forest & Wildlife Ecology (FWE) is pleased to announce we are continuing our weekly webinar series throughout the Spring 2021 semester. The “live” webinar events will be held on Fridays, from 3:00-4:00pm CST (unless otherwise noted), and recordings of the webinars will be posted after the “live” events. Webinars are free and open to the public.

The Spring 2021 FWE Webinar Series will kickoff on February 12th with a presentation by Dr. Markus Brauer, a professor in the Department of Psychology at UW-Madison and internationally-recognized expert in human social behavior, particularly on issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion, dynamics of group work, and interventions to bring about positive changes in human behaviors. Following Dr. Brauer’s talk, we have an impressive line-up of scientists who are leaders in Forest and Wildlife Ecology. See below for the full Spring 2021 FWE Webinar schedule, and to register for the webinars.

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Markus Brauer

Feb. 12

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Title: Empirically tested methods to promote inclusion

Presenter: Markus Brauer, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison



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Kezia Manlove

Feb. 19

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Title: Not all who wander are lost? What movement and behavioral ecology can tell us about disease dynamics in bighorn sheep

Presenter: Kezia Manlove, Assistant Professor, Utah State University



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Feb. 26

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Title: Wildlife surveys using drones from the ground up

Presenter: Susan Felege, Associate Professor, University of North Dakota


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Robyn Hetem

Mar. 5

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Title: Responses of large mammals to climate change: the challenge of the decades

Presenter: Robyn Hetem, Senior Lecturer, University of the Witwatersrand


Mar. 12

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Title: Satellite reflectances: what do they tell us about global gross primary production (GPP) of vegetation?

Presenter: Joanna Joiner, Atmospheric Physicist, NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center 


Paige Fischer

Mar. 19

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Title: Sustaining fire-adapted forest ecosystems through collective management

Presenter: Paige Fischer, University of Michigan


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Mar. 26 & Apr. 2

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No seminars

Elizabeth Derryberry

Apr. 9

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Singing in a silent spring: Birds respond to soundscape reversion during the COVID-19 shutdown

Presenter: Elizabeth Derryberry, Associate Professor, University of Tennessee


Terrie Williams

Apr. 16

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Title: Icebound: How the extreme polar physiology of Arctic carnivores is clashing with climate change

Presenter: Terrie M. Williams, University of California – Santa Cruz


Shifra Goldenberg

Apr. 23

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Title: Using the behavior of rehabilitated and released elephant calves to guide conservation translocation project benchmarks

Presenter: Shifra Goldenberg, Research Fellow, San Diego Zoo, Institute for Conservation Research