M. Zachariah (Zach) Peery

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Associate Professor

A233 Russell Labs
1630 Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Phone:  (608) 890-2766
E-mail:  mpeery@wisc.edu

Lab Website


Conservation biology, wildlife population dynamics, and molecular ecology



Degree Institution Major Field Granted
B.S. University of California – San Diego Ecology, Behavior & Evolution 1993
M.S. Humboldt State University Wildlife Biology 1996
Ph.D. University of California – Berkeley Environmental Science 2004


Courses Taught

FWE 360 Extinction of Species – A comprehensive treatment of the ecology, causes, and consequences of species extinction. Ecology and problems of individual species, habitat alteration and degradation, socio-economic pressures and conservation techniques and strategies. 

FWE 375/875 Wildlife Conservation Genetics – This course is intended to provide graduate and advanced undergraduate students with an understanding of how genetic methods are applied to problems in conservation biology, with an emphasis on vertebrate species in terrestrial and marine ecosystems.