Will You Join Us?

We invite you, the woodland owner, to apply for 1 of the 25 spaces available for the annual Coverts Workshop.

We’re looking for people who…

  • can find time in their busy schedules for the workshop and some outreach activities in their communities.
  • would like their woodlands to be healthy and productive.
  • care about woodlands and the wildlife that lives within them.

    Applications are due June 15th of the workshop year.

    All applications will be notified of their status by early July.


August 17-20, 2017 WI Coverts Project attendees:

Standing left to right: Valerie Johnson (RGS/NRCS/WDNR), Scott Craven (co-organizer, presenter), Gene Wuest, Sara Grace, Dan Mundth, Mimi Wuest, Allen Chikowski, Dave Szprejda, Paul Braun, Jim Hessil, Jack Hessil, Robert Gadwill, Gloia Schuh, Jake Schuh, Joseph Gadwill, Renee Randall, Eldon Pagel, Stef Morrill, Richard Laksonen, Sylvan Quinn, Seth Everson, Lucy Brundage, David Drake (co-organizer, presenter), Patrick Wolf, Meta Reigel Brandt, Jamie Nack (WI Coverts Project Coordinator), John Krause, and Ed Reed.

August 3-6, 2017 WI Coverts Project attendees:

Standing left to right: Scott Craven (co-organizer, presenter), Pete Theisen, Karey Love, Frederick Oftel, Peter Rusch, Doug Riccolo, Lora Riccolo, Craig Paks, Mike Gotstein, Cody West and David Drake (co-organizer, presenter). Sitting left to right: Mick Mlinar, Carol Randall, Art Curtis, Carol Samuel, Marc Marszalek, and John Rasmusen. Not pictured: Chas Salmen, Jenna Hines, and Jamie Nack (WI Coverts Project Coordinator).