Will You Join Us?

We invite you, the woodland owner, to apply for 1 of the 25 spaces available for the annual Coverts Workshop.

We’re looking for people who…

  • can find time in their busy schedules for the workshop and some outreach activities in their communities.
  • would like their woodlands to be healthy and productive.
  • care about woodlands and the wildlife that lives within them.

    Applications are due June 15th of the workshop year.

    All applications will be notified of their status by early July.


August 16-19, 2018 WI Coverts Project attendees:

August 16-19, 2018 WI Coverts Project attendees:  (Sitting, left to right) Richard Arnold, Leon Scott, Carolyn Scott, Anne Hatas, Larry Westerberg, Evergreen Amundson, Joel DeAngelo, Tom Rigden, Bob Denslow, Bob Retko, and Kay Wienke.  (Standing, left to right) Jamie Nack (WI Coverts Project Coordinator), Jim Ballentine, David Drake (co-organizer, presenter), Luke Ballentine, Trent Schloss, Patrick Kilbane, Peter Hatas, Rick Moncher, Sally Conklin, Bob Ninneman, J. McLellan, Carl Morsbach, John Rigden, Andrew Beilfuss, Scott Craven (co-organizer, presenter), Mary Kucksdorf, Jack Kucksdorf, Paula Sundet Wolf, and John Wolf.